The Dream Team is the name we use to describe our serve team. If you call Courageous “your church,” this is the spot to get plugged and experience the fun and fulfilling joy of serving others. From Ckids to parking, leading worship to making coffee at The Coffee Bar, the opportunities are endless. This team makes the “dream work.”


Courageous isn’t just our name, it’s a word that describes how we live. Being¬†strong and courageous¬†is a command that is echoed over and over again to leaders across the Bible. This is no coincidence – it takes courage to live out a life that challenges you to expect more than your current perception of “good.”

Our Courageous Code are our values and they outline our motivation and heart behind serving others. The Courageous Life is how you get on the path to participation at Courageous. Join us as we introduce you to your gifts, help you pursue your passion, and partner with you as you show up, grow up, and step up to God’s best for your life, through Jesus!

With both in-person classes and on-demand options, choose the option that best fits your schedule!

Growth Track Step 1

Know Us

This is your introduction to the culture and vision of The Courageous Church.
Growth Track Step 2

Discover Purpose

This session will help you discover your personality, giftings, and purpose, and help you know where God has designed you to serve.
Growth Track Step 3

Next steps

This session connects you to Groups and introduces you to all the serve opportunities on the Dream Team!


Step Four is a meet and greet where you connect with a Dream Team leader, identify a serve area, and officially complete the Growth Track!