J19 Internship

J19 Internship is designed to help the next generation grow in Christ and develop spiritual and practical disciplines while at the same time doing “hands-on” ministry. Our heart is to provide experience and invaluable leadership opportunities to young leaders.


The Creative Track is designed for people who are called to see the vision of the church come to life through graphic design, video/film, social media, production, and project management. Students will research trends, brainstorm ideas, and take projects from start to finish.


The Worship Track is for those who are passionate about seeing people experience God through corporate Worship.These students will play a role in planning and creating the Sunday Worship Experience alongside the Worship Leadership Team.They will take a good look at the “behind the scenes” of worship ministry while having opportunities to develop their skills.


Those in the NextGen Track have a passion to work with Elementary and Youth Students. They will have the opportunity to coordinate Sunday Experiences, events, and cultivate leadership skills by leading Sunday teams and Groups.


Interns are expected to attend spiritual and leadership development sessions. These range from topics such as Crucial Conversations, Personal Finance, Sharpening Communication Skills, Anticipatory Leadership, Biblical Truths, and more.

Interns will also spend a significant amount of time working within their specific area throughout the week. During this time, department directors will set expectations for the coming week and give interns projects to be accomplished. “Project Hours” will be set up with the director and will vary based on area.

This is a part-time internship (15 hours a week). Wednesday mornings are reserved for development sessions. Remaining hours are flexible.


Summer Semester: May 21st – August 11th. (Deadline to apply April 29th)


The Internship is open to young adults ages 17-25.


The cost is $50.00 which covers book costs and any additional costs.


Have a question? Send us a message at dtadesse@courageouschurch.cc