J19 Internship

Have you ever felt called to something more? J19 Internship is designed to help the next generation grow in Christ and develop spiritually while at the same time getting “hands-on” experience. Our heart is to provide experience and invaluable leadership opportunities to young leaders while building the local church.


As part of J19, interns will be working one-on-one with experienced leaders to gain valuable insight. We want to create a space and opportunities for interns to grow their leadership capabilities because we realize learning lessons on leadership will be used in every aspect of life. It’s never too late or too early too early to start.

spiritual development

Take the time to devote yourself wholly to God and His Kingdom, and you’ll be amazed and how much your heart will change. Our favorite part of the J19 Internship is seeing interns grow in their relationship with God. We watch as our interns grow in their understanding of God, their identity, and their purpose.

grow your skills

We have 14 different internship areas available including graphic design, social media, dream team, worship and many more. (List of the areas are on the application.) You will have opportunities to grow your skills and gifting as you spend time in your designated area. Our hope for our interns is for them to leave better than when they started.


Every week interns will spend the majority of their time serving with their coach in their assigned department. They will also spend time serving with their intern class during weekend services. The interns will come together on Sunday Evenings for food, fun, and development. Interns are expected to spend 5-15 hours serving with their ministry department/coach and 4-5 hours with intern class/ serving.

Fall Internship begins September 7.


10-12 weeks and is offered Fall, Spring & Summer


The Internship is open to anyone age 17 and up.


The cost is $50.00 which covers book costs and any additional costs.


Have a question? Send us a message at dtadesse@courageouschurch.cc