The Bad Habits of Jesus

The bad habits of Jesus

We have a tendency to describe Jesus in ways that soften his revolutionary edge. In the bible Jesus is often described as offensive and scandalous. * Did he disappoint people? Yes. * Did he break rules? Yes. * Was he unmoved by pressure. Yes. * Was He friends with the wrong people? Yes. * Did Jesus offend the people of his day? Absolutely, yes. We need to understand who Jesus really is if we are to follow him wholeheartedly. That is why it is so crucial to see the “rebellious rabbi” for who he is and not for who we may imagine him to be. The Bad Habits of Jesus will help you see the untamed Jesus, who isn’t sanitized for our culture. That Jesus just might transform how you live out your life.

The Genius of Jesus

The Genius of Jesus Sermon Series

We spend our lives looking for the answers to life’s questions, but maybe we’re missing what’s been right in front of us all along. Instructions that stand the test of time. Explanations that defy human logic. Find the answer you’ve been looking for as we discover the uncomplicated truth of history’s greatest genius.