Church In The Wild

Imagine a church wrecked by divisions. Self promotion, affairs, prostitution, fighting, and disorganization – this was the Corinthian church – WILD! Join us Sunday for this series, #ChurchInTheWild, where we discover that chaos is not what God has for us.

Which Way

Which Way Sermon Series

This year is gonna be different. You’ll eliminate bad habits and embrace better ones; finally start going the right direction physically, relationally, and spiritually. At least, that’s what you thought on January 1st. Now, stuff you didn’t see coming has already redirected you! But what if life’s ups and downs aren’t what decide if you’ll succeed or fail at what matters most this year? What if something else is at work? Join us for “Which Way” and find out how to thrive, even when life gives you a detour.


Called. You were born for this

The world has one objective: stop you from changing it. How? By distracting you with threats, fears, good causes, shiny objects, your neighbors’ opinions, anything you obsess over other than real impact. It’s time to tell the world to shut up, clear out all that clutter, and boldly step into the calling that God designed for you. One of radical focus, freedom, and influence. World change and life change isn’t just possible, it’s promised.