Something Has to Change | How to Succeed and Prosper

Here comes another year! You may see this time as overwhelming or as a time of exciting possibilities. Regardless of where you stand, you’ll likely agree, “Something has to change!” That phrase can be empowering or defeating, depending on your perspective.

Life is complicated. Health, career, relationships, and spirituality - it’s all tied up together and somehow creates the rhythm of daily life. Take a moment and pause with purpose and see where change is not only necessary, but can be truly transformative.

Roll With It. Change is the doorway to progress. It’s about recognizing that staying stagnant leads to stagnation. You aren’t the same person you were yesterday, so the same should be said for your goals and priorities. Adjust your health habits, reassess your career path, reevaluate the health of your relationships. It’s time to grow.
Hustle With Purpose. Rediscover what truly fuels you. There’s something that lights a fire - so when’s the last time you fanned the flame? You have an internal drive to make a difference, not just a dollar.
Reset Your Motivation. At the core, we seek connection and meaning. That’s spiritual. So embrace spiritual behaviors and practices. This means taking time for personal devotion and an effort to deepen your relationship with Jesus. Prayer, seeking guidance, and spiritual alignment keeps your motivation pure and purposeful.

It’s time to embrace difference. You can have growth or control, but you can’t have both.