Living a life of courage means we have a set of values that we hold as a standard. Acting one way in church and another way everywhere else is exhausting–we believe in the separation of church and fake. Our values center us, stabilize us, and define our common ground as a faith community.


We Put Jesus

We keep Jesus first in our heart, head, homes, and our hands.


We are Relationally Intense

We pursue authentic relationships.


We Seek to Serve

We stay others focused.


We are BOLD, not boring

We have a good time!




Show Up
Church is where we show up! The local church is God’s house. There are things that happen at God’s house that don’t happen anywhere else. That’s what makes the church different from Walmart. Jesus said, “come, follow me” so we keep showing up! Church is where we connect with Christ and community.
Grow Up

Rows are where we show up, groups are where we grow up. Healthy growth is not instant, but rather it happens over time. As Jesus’ disciples continued to do life with Him and each other, their lives and futures were changed forever. They grew in ways that would have never happened if they did not open themselves up to His leadership and engage in authentic community with each other. We show up to grow up.

Step Up
Jesus showed us that living a courageous life looks like making others a priority. Our influence, gifts, and talents aren’t just for us, they are to make others better, so we step up to the challenge. We push past boring, mediocre, dull lives and embrace the joy and fulfillment that comes with staying others focused.

Our Leaders


Tyler and Renee Padgitt

Lead Pastors

Tyler and Renee serve as the senior pastors of Courageous and have been in pastoral ministry for over 20 years. Their story is unique–beginning their ministry early on as pastors in a church that was in dire need of rescuing from religion. Courageous exists today because of their response to a spiritual calling to lead both strong and courageously.

Courageous is both a rebirth and a relaunch and they are proud to say it’s now, “a Jesus church.” After officially launching in 2012, the church now serves as a beacon of light in the community with multiple campuses in the Springfield area and a vision to revive struggling churches all across the Ozarks–from Camdenton to Cassville and Warsaw to West Plains.

They are both passionate about the local church and training, developing, and empowering people to live courageous lives. Spend any amount of time with them and you’ll likely hear them say, “we don’t do ministry to get the work done, we do it to get the people done!” Tyler and Renee, along with their two sons, Owen and Evan live in Springfield, MO.

Our Beliefs


Our approach to church isn’t traditional and it is far from religious. Our commitment to Jesus shapes everything we believe, say, and do. We’re not scared of culture or seduced by it. We are Spirit-led without being weird and mission-minded without diluting the message of Jesus.

Find Your Place

One church, multiple locations.

North Location

2848 N Broadway Ave
Springfield, MO 65803

9:30A | 11A

South Location

4900 S FR 189
Rogersville, MO 65742

9:30A | 11A

East Location

922 S Eastgate Ave
Springfield, MO 65809

Coming Soon