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Your journey starts here. The Courageous Life gets you on the path to participation at Courageous. In a few short videos, we share with you the vision of our leaders, the heart behind our values, and what it means to show up, grow up, and step up - and then you share with us! You’ll fill out a short form that tells us about your church experience, where you’re at with Jesus, who you like to hang out with, and what brings you joy.

We’ll help you get plugged into your faith, find just the right group for your current season of life, and introduce you to a Dream Team member who serves in an area we believe will bring you the most joy! Take one step, or take them all - it’s up to you! Bye bye boring, welcome to your courageous life!

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Real life change happens best in the context of authentic relationships. Rows are where you show up, groups are where you grow up! Get encouragement, scripture, prayer, and a challenge to take a next step.


Gather + Grow

Sometimes you just want to meet people and sometimes you’re ready to learn and grow. We get it! Gather groups are the perfect connection point to play basketball, play board games, or just hang at the park. Grow groups are for the stage of life where you’re ready to strengthen not just your friends, but your faith. Grow groups dig into the bible, book studies, and devotions. Groups launch in the spring, summer, and fall seasons.


Yth Night

Some churches call it “youth group”, we call it YTH Night! Wednesday nights at our campuses are where students find their people and grow up! Students in 6th-12 grade engage in a worship experience designed for just for them. This night starts off with a fun pre-party where students hang out together and finishes with small groups that are set up by both grade and gender. Guys hangout with guys and girls connect with other girls. Our YTH small groups are led by leaders who are passionate about connecting students to Christ.

YTH Night begins at 6:30P on Wednesday nights at all campuses.



In college, out of college, dating, just married, new job, still job hunting, not quite ready for kids, just had kids…we know the deal! We know you don’t like labels, but we call this “adulting”. Finding your place to grow up can be tough, but we’ve got you. The people you surround yourself with during this season will have a direct impact on the quality of your life. We have a category of Young Adult groups just for you.



Baptism is an outward expression of a changed heart illustrated by going under the water then rising out again with joy! If you have decided to put Jesus first, this is your next step as you live a life to keep Jesus first. Talk to a leader at the campus you attend about upcoming dates - then bring everyone you know, because it’s a party worth celebrating!

Baptisms are offered three times throughout the year in the warmer months.

Next Baptism Date - Sunday, August 4, 2024

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