Demo Day | How to Rekindle A Dull Relationship

What happens after the swipe, like, DM, and double taps? When the filter comes off, are you left with a one hit wonder? Surely not relationships are hollow? It’s easy to get through the fun, but it takes work to get through the dysFUNctional.

The honeymoon phase of relationships is nothing short of euphoric - intense, idealistic, indulgent, and infused with infatuation. Once it fades, it’s essential to have built a foundation that is able to mature through the dullness, disagreements, defensiveness, disapproval, and disappointment. So how do you move to mature love? Love that is patient, kind, and enduring. Love built on trust, tenderness, respect, responsibility, understanding, security, truthfulness, and trust?

  1. Open Up. Confession and honest communication are fundamentals of a healthy relationship. Can you talk about your feelings, fears, and faults? When you are able to talk out your mistakes and seek forgiveness with your spouse, you create an environment of vulnerability that can lead to understanding and growth.
  2. Give Up. Don’t quit the relationship! But you may need to give up some unhealthy habits. Do you need to drop any self-defeating behaviors? The silent treatment, sarcasm, blam games, and manipulation for personal gain only hinder long term growth. Giving up these habits makes room for healthy communication and problem solving.
  3. Grow Up. Maturity is the key to lasting love. It involves accepting responsibility for our actions, adapting to change, and being willing to grow. When you embrace the differences between you, and not fight them, you learn to gain value from the unique contributions you both bring to the relationship. Be patient, be kind, and commit to personal and relational growth, for the long haul.

Love is an up and down journey. Moving from the honeymoon phase to mature love requires intentional effort, open communication, and personal growth. Enjoy the highs, learn from the lows, and watch what grows.