Don't Forget | The Key to Positive Progress

Through the craziness of life, it’s easy to forget about the milestones that have marked your life and made you stronger. Sometimes it’s hard to even see the good, even in the now. But when you do, don’t forget! Your future depends on it and so does the future of the next generation.

The biblical concept of “stones of remembrance” serves as a reminder to actively preserve and pass down our faith. How do you build and leave a legacy that lasts?

  1. Like, Share, and Subscribe (to your own life!) Turn away from the digital social feeds and mark what God is doing around you. This can be through daily journaling the good of what’s happening, writing down answered prayers, or documenting times of personal growth. Take photos or videos of moments where you sense God doing something amazing. It could be a sunrise, a morning out in the deer stand, or a moment with the kids. Create a digital and physical set of “stones” to encourage yourself.
  2. Create Collective Habits. Bring others along with you and create habits that are centered around faith, hope, and encouragement. Whether it’s weekly devotionals, praying together before meals, and yes, going to church together. These habits begin to set the stage to celebrate significant milestones of what God has done. As you do this, you’ll notice more unity, family strength, and spiritual tenacity within your personal life and across the lives of others.
  3. Talk It Out. Push past the hesitation or embarrassment of talking about the good God may be doing in your life. Don’t let faith be forgotten! In a society struggling with chaos, uncertainty, and shifting values - your story of God’s faithfulness impacts the generation of goodness all around us and strengthens the faith of others.

Over time, markers of remembrance become stones of encouragement. It’s not just about remembering, it’s about not forgetting! Forgetting the good often leads to spiritual apathy and a waning relationship with God. Continued faithfulness will encourage you to trust that God is working, even in the most difficult situations.