Like, Subscribe, Share! | How to Engage in Evangelism

Our initial thoughts of “like” and “share” are just buttons on a screen, when in reality they are expressions of beliefs, interests, and a reflection of who we are. If someone was “scrolling your life” what would they find out about you? Anything you’re sharing is considered a form of evangelism. When it comes to sharing faith, fear is usually the emotion that causes us to freeze up.

In the social media world, the actions ‘like,’ ‘subscribe,’ and ‘share’ have somewhat been redefined to reflect a shallow engagement with content and our willingness to become followers. The appeal to be an “influencer” generates view after view. People who are unafraid to self-promote, boldly living life, and sharing their opinion. But who is sharing the truth? Christ followers have a responsibility to share their faith as what’s trending.

  1. Confront Your Apprehension. The first step here is to identify and push through any fear. Ask yourself a few questions: What’s really scaring you about sharing your faith? Is it the fear of being laughed at? Or maybe not knowing enough? Identify those fears and talk them out with a friend or someone you trust.
  2. Look at Who's Following. People are craving connection. Make a conscious effort to connect with those who are around you. Share what’s important to you and the way your life has changed for the better. Show your love for the people in your life by being involved in their life. Make them feel needed and known.
  3. Share the Truth. Opinions are shared everywhere as “my truth”. Drop it. The gospel of Jesus is more than “good advice”, it’s liberating truth. Challenge yourself to communicate your faith as something worth living for. Share your faith through your actions, words, and relationships - a simple convo, a helping hand, or an invite to show up at church.

You’re an influencer by default. But the magnitude of your impact has everything to do with your intentionality to be bold, engage in evangelism, and share why it’s worth putting Jesus first.