Big Influencer Energy | How to Refuel Your Faith

It’s so easy to become "me" focused in a world where an algorithm defines your reality. The doom scroll can easily zap your attention, your focus, your faith, and your energy. It’s a trap that keeps you “me” focused instead of seeing the opportunities around you. How do you refuel when you feel drained?

  1. Find out what God cares about. Jesus was passionate about people and we’re challenged to have the same attitude. So how do we get there? First, it means prioritizing personal times of prayer with God and studying to learn more about Jesus. Commit to creating a consistent spot and slot where you can spend time talking with God.
  2. Demonstrate your compassion. You can never question if Jesus had deep compassion and concern for the marginalized, because He showed it. Make a decision to let your friends know “why” you are motivated to do good works for others and for them. Your compassion will inspire them to want the source of your fuel.
  3. Be persistent. Jesus never stumbled from His mission - to actively demonstrate love for others. Life will bring your distractions, opposition, and even betrayal. It’s easy in those moments to close off and cut yourself off from others. Push past those feelings and continue to make someone else better, even when you don't feel like it.

As you turn your focus towards others, you will slowly begin to feel the energy and excitement that you did “once upon a time” in your faith. Let Jesus be your guide, and your conversation with Him be your fuel, and He will empower you with the strength to make up the difference.