The Power of Influence | How to Share Your Jesus Story

In a world full of social media influencers and digital trends, the idea of influence has gotten pretty skewed. So what does it look like to add actual substance to what sometimes feels like a shallow space? People who believe in Christ are challenged to engage with the world in a way that reflects the life-changing power of Jesus. But how do you navigate this challenge to positively influence others, in a culture that often feels at odds with your beliefs?

The idea of leveraging your influence to talk about Jesus quickly becomes deeply personal.  It means facing doubts, overcoming fears, and wrestling through uncertainties. But it’s not impossible. It starts with self reflection, prayer, and talking it out with others.

Jesus didn't call believers to be perfect or to have all the answers; He challenged them to be authentic. The challenge is to follow Him and then share His love with others. This means being vulnerable about struggles and doubts, while also being bold in proclaiming a life that’s been changed. Here are three practical application steps:

  1. Be Real About You. Influence often begins with genuine connection. Take the time to be real, and build authentic relationships with those around you. How? Through acts of kindness, day to day talk, and just being present. Trust and availability are the common ground to open the door to deeper spiritual conversations.
  2. Practice. As a believer in Christ, you are called to be intentional about sharing what you believe in and how your life has changed because of it. This means being prepared to give an answer. Think about what you would say to someone about your faith if you only had 2 minutes. Hope resonates. Don’t over do it, but when the time comes, just do it. If you feel you need to learn more about Jesus, read more: Why Jesus First?
  3. Pray for Something Supernatural. This doesn’t mean be weird. But it does mean you should pray that the person you want to talk to has an experience that they can’t explain or rationalize without including Jesus. Spend time in prayer, asking God to go beyond your words. To give you boldness and courage to speak up, but also for Him to do what he does best. 

Influence is not just a buzzword or a social media metric — it's a calling given to every believer in Jesus to make a difference in the world. By building genuine relationships, being ready, and seeking God's help, you can use your influence and effectively share the love of Christ with those in your circle.