Men Matter | Lessons from Ephesians

It seems like more than ever, culture is pushing back against the idea of male credibility. God’s idea is that men would set the standard for love, unity, and integrity so that our homes and communities would be positive and healthy places to grow. 
What can we learn from the teaching to the church at Ephesus?

Love beyond words. Love must be the foundation of all our actions. It’s not enough to perform all the to-do’s at home, or to “just go to work”, without making genuine connections and showing care for the people around us. Lead the way and go the extra mile. That can look like giving out extra compliments, slowing down and spending quality time with family and friends, or getting a head start on the chore list. When in conversations, remember your facial expressions also communicate “something”. Listen actively and practice showing empathy, with intention.

Bring people together. The credibility of yourself is found in the integrity of the people around you. Be a bridge builder and a peacemaker. Division within the family or the workplace weakens the synergy, the strength, and the collective impact. When you’re in the middle of that big project, invite an extra hand (even if you don’t need it!) Work towards sharing responsibilities and celebrating what is accomplished, together. When tension and conflict comes up, facilitate bringing people together towards a solution. Open communication and compromise are the key to creating harmony.

Be different. Ephesians 5:1-8 calls us to live as people who are light in a dark world. Let your integrity and high standards set you apart. Being a light will always inspire others and uphold your credibility. Make choices that align with your values, even when it’s difficult. Be known for your positive influence at home, work, and in the church. What you do is more than what they see, it becomes what they model. It’s important not to try to do life alone and build a circle of people who are trustworthy and accountable. Learn more about how to grow in small groups by clicking here.

The principles of love, unity, and integrity seem countercultural for men, but it’s important to fight for your integrity. It’s men who show genuine affection towards others, foster unity and peace, and live with integrity that make the difference.