No, I Love You More! | The Foundation for Relationships

What does it mean to really feel loved and appreciated in a time where validation often comes in the form of likes, comments, and swipes? Social media paints picture-perfect images of relationships, but the real picture comes to light when the filters come off. Lasting relationships require a foundation that’s solid, unconditional, and settled. So how do you set yourself up for success?

  1. Embrace a Jesus-First Mindset. This means making Jesus the individual focus of your personal life. 
  2. Identify and Address Your Deepest Needs. We all have four primary deep, soul-level needs – acceptance, identity, security, and purpose. When you look to others to meet these desires, it will always crash and burn. Jesus Christ has come to give sustaining life to these parts of your heart and soul. When you find your identity in His love for you, trust in His security, you begin to understand your purpose as you pursue a Jesus-first lifestyle.
  3. Reset your perspective. Jesus is the ultimate relationship counselor, after all, God created the idea. Allow Jesus to heal your past wounds, hurts, and relationships. This requires vulnerability with God, and with people. It’s easy to embrace cultural expectations, but these will often overshadow the profound teachings of Jesus that are foundational to a life that is full of joy and purpose.

Building a foundation to sustain the weight of a healthy relationship requires embracing a growth mindset, an acknowledgement of our deepest needs, and a commitment to a Jesus-first lifestyle. Jesus is really good at transforming chaos into stability.