Self Control When You're Not Feeling It!

How do you win when you're it feels like you're in a fight with yourself? South campus pastor, Chad Cook teaches on the key to breaking free from the struggle of self-control to fully embrace spirit empowerment.
While we desire self-control's benefits, we often lack the motivation to pursue it. Self-control is not simply about trying harder but involves embracing the grace of Jesus Christ. The key to self-control is keeping Jesus first in our lives. This requires consistent devotion, personal prayer, and worship. Self control really isn't about controlling yourself, it's about spirit empowerment. To reap the fruits of self control:
  1. Sync up with the Spirit: It's a cooperative effort with the supernatural empowerment of the Spirit.
  2. Preach the Gospel to Your Inner Self: Talk to yourself and remind yourself of the negative effects of sin.
  3. Make a Decision to Keep Jesus First: Accountability has its place, but it's empty without Jesus.
Tension doesn't mean you have to tap out! Even in moments of failure, there is grace to grow.