Take A Seat | A Growth Environment

Ever head to a sports game and forget your seat cushion? It can feel like the most uncomfortable 3 hours of your life–and you paid for that seat! It’s a feeling of being needed, but not wanted. God’s idea of community is a place of intentionality. A place that is well prepared and full of growth opportunities. Seats become the soil of hospitality that allows life transformation and purpose to take root.

So, what does it take to get comfortable and take a seat?

Embrace curiosity. You likely have an idea of what to expect and what church is “supposed” to be like. Consider starting over. Look up and smile, engage with a high five, grab a cup of coffee, and just see what happens.
Linger. The break room at work can be an awkward space–and you see those people every day! So we’re not saying things won’t feel weird, but we’re saying it won’t feel weird “for long.” Every face has a story, and it’s likely God put a story in the space to connect with yours.  How would you ever know if your car is the first place you head? Consider this: “Church truly begins when the service ends!”
Gather and Grow. Conferences and networking workshops are the places where you likely go for personal and professional development. So what does that look like in the church? Could you grow here? It starts when you make the decision to gather. Small groups provide a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded people, share experiences, and expand your social circle.

Your home is likely the most comfortable place you love to be - but what if there was a #2 spot? A place where you feel seen, feel wanted, and receive teaching and development to grow and transform your life to one that leaves a legacy for others? It’s time to take a seat!