The Mystery of Christ | Colossians

We’ve all faced those pivotal moments where life throws us for a loop. We’re often left with more questions than answers and can even struggle with the idea of purpose. It could be a health crisis, the loss of a friend, or a conflict that shatters a relationship. The answer to standing firm is always found in the mystery of Christ.

In the bible, we learn about the extended narrative of a church planter named Paul who was often up against such challenges. It’s from prison that he writes a letter to the Colossae. Paul’s unwavering faith and purposeful life, despite being locked up until death, teach us that true faith rises above life's circumstances and brings genuine peace.

What can we learn from the instruction to the church at Colossae?

  • Faith first, always. When life feels overwhelming, it’s easy to let your circumstances dictate your mood and your mind. It’s faith in something substantial that centers you to stand firm despite the tough times. Faith gives you peace and purpose, even when it seems everything is falling apart. Instead of focusing on the problems, choose to focus on your faith, trusting that there is a greater plan at work. Work towards surrounding yourself with a supportive faith community that encourages and uplifts you during tough times. Small groups are a great start. By shifting your perspective, you’ll grow in the strength needed to endurance and overcome life’s hardest challenges.
  • Christ over everything. When the questions start, it’s always tempting to look for fulfillment in what’s easiest, tempting, and most confident–success, money, or recognition. Remember that true fulfillment always comes from living a life centered on Christ. Jesus first. This means working towards aligning your actions, values, and goals with the teachings and example of Christ. This will lead to a deeper sense of purpose and contentment. Commit to personal spiritual growth through learning how Jesus lived. A great, short book to start with is the book of Mark in the Bible.
  • Good works are the result. It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that we need to do more to get to God or to earn something from God. This is the deception that comes along with religious tradition. However, salvation is a gift of grace. It’s not a gift based on performance, but rather it's a promise fulfilled through Christ. Understanding this will liberate you from the pressure to “work harder”, and rather allow you to embrace the love and grace of Christ. Through the mystery of Christ you are accepted, forgiven, and empowered to make a difference.

Life’s tough moments will always have the tendency to cause you to question your purpose and faith. Fight for a faith filled perspective and an ongoing lifestyle that strengthens your relationship with Christ. His grace is enough to take you back, everytime. As you connect with Christ, you’ll find strength, patience, and joy that goes well beyond even the hardest of times.