How to Live a Life of Purpose | Corinthians

Can you do anything you want with your life? Yes. Should you do whatever you want in your life? Probably not. Life often pulls us towards ideas and behaviors that appear fulfilling but rarely yield positive lasting results. Without a moral compass, things often fall into moral decay.

Between professional responsibilities, personal commitments, and social obligations, it’s easy to get disconnected from the values that really matter. This has always been the challenge for followers of Christ. By putting belief and faith in Jesus Christ, our resulting behavior begins to shift towards a different mindset and a different set of decision-making skills. In Christ, the goal is always healthy relationships with others, a personal lifestyle of integrity, and actions that are motivated by love.

What Can the Letters to the Corinthian Church Teach Us?

Corinth was a city known for its attitude of “I can do whatever I want.” The corrections to their behaviors help us see the areas in our lives that could improve, with the help of Jesus.

  1. Unite Despite Differences. Will others always agree with your beliefs? No. Will your family and friends always support your decision-making? No. So then what? The goal is not conformity; it’s unity. Begin to look beyond your personal preferences and differences and find the value in what makes you different from others. While the values within your family and friends may differ, God still cares about them. Living a lifestyle that says, "Jesus first," challenges you to be the difference maker. It doesn’t mean embracing differences that draw you away from Christ but rather modeling Christ-like behavior in tough environments. As you reset your lifestyle and begin to build relationships with other Christ followers, you will also realize that not all believers live the same. This is the beauty of a Christ-centered community. Open your heart to the stories of others, understand their perspectives, and find common ground through your shared faith in Jesus. By doing this, you actively break down divisions and build a more unified community.
  2. Embrace Personal Integrity. It’s easy to say, “This only affects me.” But how does it affect you long term? Culture pulls us towards what feels good and sounds good but is rarely good for us. Corinth was infamous for its sexual immorality. The problem is, unchecked sexual freedom often leads to brokenness and pain. Living a life of personal integrity is a reminder that you are set apart and live a lifestyle that honors God. Because these decisions are often private, it often takes an outside person of trust to reset. So what does it mean to seek accountability? Pray that God guides you in this area and helps you maintain a posture of humility to receive advice. Decide to make decisions that are rooted in respect for yourself and others, setting personal boundaries as you engage in healthy and respectful relationships.
  3. Love Like Jesus Did. Culture embraces, “Love is love.” But what does that really mean? In the Bible, we have both a God-honoring definition of love and a human depiction of love, who is Jesus. Love, as described in 1 Corinthians 13, is patient, kind, and never self-seeking. It’s easy to say you love others, but showing it through your actions is the true test of your beliefs. Practice this definition of love, even when it’s difficult or inconvenient. Busyness is often the biggest distraction to loving others intentionally. Practice viewing interruptions as opportunities to practice patience and kindness. Instead of seeing them as inconveniences, reframe them as moments where you can show love and attention to those around you, even if you don’t like them.

Living out these three practical steps will help you reset the moral compass of your own life and the culture of Christ around you. By fostering unity, embracing integrity, and practicing love, you align yourself with God’s higher expectations for living. As a result, things around you will begin to change, and your lifestyle will result in a healthier and more vibrant community.