Unless: Embracing Change for Growth and Potential

If nothing changes, nothing changes. In this message, lead pastor Tyler Padgitt teaches that unlocking our full potential through Jesus requires taking steps of faith and embracing change. This leads to a life filled with growth and blessings.
In life, we all yearn for growth, purpose, and a sense of fulfillment. We long to see our relationships flourish, our spiritual well-being thrive, our financial situations improve, and our influence expand. These aspirations are rooted in the concept of potential—the untapped greatness that resides within each of us.
From the very beginning, God designed a world brimming with potential. In the book of Genesis, He spoke life into existence, filling the Earth with plants, creatures, and humans, each with the inherent potential to flourish and multiply. Just as God saw potential in the void and brought forth creation, He sees potential in you and your life.
The Bible is full of stories of people who embraced change, took risks, and surrendered their self-preservation to fulfill their divine potential. Abraham left his homeland, David confronted giants, Daniel faced lions, and Paul relinquished his status to follow God's call. These biblical heroes discovered that potential is realized through a process—a journey of change, transformation, and unwavering faith.
While we may be tempted to seek self-preservation and comfort, God calls us to step out in faith, take calculated risks, and sow seeds of growth. Unless we are willing to undergo the process of change, loss, and transformation, we will never fully understand our potential. God does not hand us a fully grown tree but provides the seed, requiring us to nurture it. Realizing your potential necessitates the willingness to endure discomfort and uncertainty, trusting that God will bring forth blessings in due time.
Learn how faith, obedience, sacrifice, surrender, worship, commitment, and devotion pave the way for blessings and growth. Are you ready to take ground in your life? Unless you embrace change, you may never fully realize your divine potential.