ALL IN! Generosity Beyond Obedience

It's time for a mind/shift. What will you do with the skills, resources, and time has God blessed you with? In this message, lead pastor Tyler Padgitt teaches how a community of people who come from lack are blessed to be a blessing.
In the book of Exodus, the community of Israelites, despite their wandering in the wilderness, were able to develop a profound spirit of generosity. With vibrant enthusiasm and a big mind/shift, they contributed their resources, skills, and time to create a place where God's glory would dwell. Gratitude breeds generosity.
Genuine generosity is an overflow of God's stirring in the hearts of those who love Him. How do you respond to God's ask? For the community of Israelites, they go all in. What unfolds is a compelling display of obedience, enthusiasm, and generosity as men and women alike willingly offer brooches, earrings, jewelry, precious metals, fabrics, and skills. People's hearts are stirred to provide for the tent of meeting, holy garments, and all that was needed to prepare a dwelling place for the Lord.
God deserves the best, so He deserves our best. And it doesn't require equal gifts, but equal sacrifice.