Faith for the Future!

How loud do you sing in the shower? It’s something about being in a private space that gives you the comfort to let go and be you. Singing lifts your spirit and your soul. Can you find the courage to sing when life is upside down? While in the middle of a layoff or navigating heartbreak? Do you have faith for the future?

Start curating a new playlist.

  1. Embrace faith in every step. In life, you’ll encounter moments of uncertainty and doubt, but it's in those moments that we are called to trust and obey God. Reflecting on areas in your life where you can take a leap of faith. Maybe it's a career decision, a relationship, or a personal goal. Allow faith to guide your steps and experience the change and transformation that takes place.
  2. Develop a heart of generosity. Generosity isn’t just about money and “stuff”; it's a disposition of the heart. Take a moment to evaluate your life and identify areas where you can be more generous – whether through acts of kindness, the time you spend with family and friends, or what you give to the local church. The joy people find in giving with a cheerful heart not only positively impacts others, but always adds fulfillment and richness to their personal lives.
  3. Build for the future. We are wired to make things better. To do better. And that place of “better” is called “the future". We are called to build for the future. Building starts with inventory - so take inventory of your goals, dreams, and aspirations. What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? Enlarge the scope of your vision, strengthen your belief system and faith, and believe that your actions today will shape a future filled with purpose, impact, and more than enough.

In a world full of uncertainty and challenge, it’s important to create a playlist that gives you songs of home, victory, and joy. Sing not just for the circumstances you find yourself in, but for the future that exists. Faith, generosity, and optimism will remind you that the journey is not just for today, but for generations to come.