Family Values | Building a God-Centered Family

The ideal home environment is often the idea of a space filled with laughter and joy, one with both honor and respect. But to get there it takes more than just “family values”, it requires “God-centered” values. 

So what’s the difference?

  1. Create a culture of Honor. Honor is the cornerstone of a healthy family dynamic. It involves respecting and valuing each person’s personal and individual contributions and perspectives. To cultivate a culture of honor in your home, start by acknowledging the importance of every family member's role, whether it's as a parent, spouse, or child. Take the time to express gratitude for the efforts and sacrifices made by each person, no matter how small it may seem. Open communication and active listening will create a safe space for casual conversation without the stigma of being judged.
  2. Balance fairness and firmness. Parenting is basically a game of knowing how to set boundaries while showing compassion. You can’t be inconsistent and also get mad at the responses you get! It’s important to set clear expectations for behavior, while also being flexible and adaptable. Yes, you should say no sometimes and to stick to your guns when necessary. But also, a healthy environment is created through listening and opening up to change, even with it’s the idea of a child or teenager!
  3. Be fun! If you’re not intentional, you will easily shift towards boring with lots of rules and standards. Ugh! Plan and prioritize fun. Plan simple activities that make people smile (and are sometimes silly!) It can be a family movie night, a game of charades, or a picnic in the backyard. You don’t have to go to Silver Dollar City every weekend! Celebrate the big days and accomplishments and work to create traditions that give your family identity and meaning.

Building a God-centered family is about creating an environment where love, respect, and joy can thrive. It’s not always easy (and sometimes it’s downright hard!), but with intentionality and patience parents can create a space where the family is centered and grows closer, and stronger, together.