Field of Dreams: Fighting for More

Do you have the courage to fight for potential? It takes boldness in the present to endure a fight for future vision. In this message, Tyler Padgitt uses the story of Shammah from the bible to show that it take spiritual eyes to see the future - in the now.
Vision sees beyond the immediate and faith is the necessary fuel to anticipate greater things. It's time to challenge the narrative to settle for boring.
1. Have a boldness for the present. Having the right vision, standing for what's important, and defying the status quo is what moves the needle. It's time to challenge the norm and embrace the courage to fight for tomorrow's promises, today. Reflect on your current goals and dreams. Are you allowing popular opinion or fear to deter you from pursuing what's truly important? Embrace the courage to stand for your dreams, no matter the circumstances.
2. Embrace the idea abundance. God encourages us to believe for more, not less. Acts of sacrifice trigger miracles. Look at your life and assess where you might be settling for less than you deserve or desire. It could be in your career, relationships, or personal growth. Make a list of areas where you'd like to see abundance and start taking steps toward achieving it.
3. Invest in eternity. Shammah's fight wasn't just for the present; it was about securing a future harvest. Consider what legacy you want to leave behind. It could be in the form of wisdom, financial security for your family, or a positive impact on your community. Set specific goals that align with your vision for the future.
Your future of courage and vision starts now.