Give and Live! Dine and Die!

What if your last meal wasn’t the end, but the beginning of a miracle? So often we have the opportunity to let our last become our best, but it takes sacrifice. 

  1. Embrace Different. The most profound and significant moments in life often begin at the intersection of the unexpected. The first step to growth is to embrace different. Break free of the idea of what you’ve self-defined as normal and usual. Seek out opportunities to “see the world” in a way that may feel contrary to what “you prefer”. 
  2. Get Uncomfortable. The power of growth lies in the ability to break through the seed. This means going beyond the barrier of comfort and control. What are you holding on to - emotionally, financially, and relationally? Challenge these boundaries and extend more of yourself than what feels familiar. It’s easy to be generous when you have plenty, but can you be generous when it feels impossible?
  3. Embrace “too much”. Is it possible to live a life that overflows with joy, kindness, provision, and abundance? Shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance by appreciating the potential in what you have. When you look at what you’ve got as a the beginning, and not the end - you can shift to a mindset that embraces generosity that not only can sustain you, but can overflow to bless others.

It’s time to get used to different and push past the protective shell of comfort. Radical blessing begins with radical generosity.