Godly Ambition: Building a Legacy of Miracles

Competing priorities can shift us into divided thinking and pessimistic beliefs. It's time to attach your ambition to something greater. Ambition can give you the fuel and motivation to achieve goals and move towards vision, but it has to be God sized and self-less. Our lead pastor, Tyler Padgitt unpacks the story of Elisha to teach that miracles have the potential to continue to happen, even after it appears to be over.
Legacy is more than a mere concept; it's about building something in the present that will resonate into eternity. What we leave behind are formed not at the end of our journey but through the daily choices and actions we make. In the case of the prophet Elisha, his legacy of miracles didn't begin in the grave but rather with a lifelong commitment to faith and God's purpose.
It's time to adopt a mind/shift for what's next:
  1. Believe Big: Have unreasonable faith and honor a God who is too vast to be confined by small thinking. Believing big entails surrendering control to the One who can hold the world together.
  2. Attach Ambition to Something Greater: Ambition, when aligned with a higher purpose, becomes a powerful tool for change. Selfish ambition is hollow and exhausting. God sized ambition serves others and advances The Kingdom.
  3. Faith Doesn't Die: Elisha's story teaches us that our faith outlives us. Though we may have an expiration date, our faith can continue to inspire and work miracles in the lives of others long after we are gone.
God's ability is only limited by our lack of faith.