Joy Magnified!

What you magnify you multiply. It’s hard to magnify happiness when it seems to come and go. The circumstances of life can feel so overwhelming at times, how do you stay positive? The answer is to look beyond the obvious and magnify the one thing that is always consistent and most valuable.

In this message from lead pastor, Tyler Padgitt, take 3 steps towards a life of unwavering joy.  Joy goes beyond reaction.  It is the fruit of a choice. A decision to let the mightiness and mercifulness of God be magnified over the stress, worry, and guilt of life.

  1. Practice Intentional Magnification. When life gets hard, make a conscious effort to magnify joy. Each day, focus on at least one positive aspect or attribute of God—His love, mercy, or faithfulness—and let it frame your thoughts.
  2. Reframe Stress, Worry, and Guilt. When you feel overwhelmed, use magnification as a tool to reframe your emotions. Instead of letting your thoughts consume you, intentionally magnify the characteristics of God that are the opposite of the negative feelings. Reflect on God's mightiness to alleviate stress, His holiness to ease worry, and His mercy to dissolve guilt. Allow this to overshadow your negative emotions.
  3. Sing Your Own Song. Craft your own personal 'song' or expression of rejoicing and gratitude. Take time each day to reflect on the goodness of God in your life. Whether through prayer, journaling, or creative expression, find a way to express your gratitude and joy for the positive parts of your life, no matter how small. This practice will help you amplify joy and shift your focus from hardships to blessings.