Now Is The Time! | How to Make the Most of Now

Instead of worrying about the time when things will change, the better question is, “What is it time for, now?” Jesus spent His time on earth not only teaching about the Kingdom of God, but also living out its purpose and impact in the present tense. The question will always exist, “But when?” It’s important not to get paralyzed in possibility. Jesus never sat and speculated on hypothetical situations, instead he focused on the here and now, showing His followers the importance of maximizing the time you currently have. Here’s how you can live our God’s purpose for your life in the now:

  1. Tell your story, share your Jesus. Just as Jesus instructed His disciples to be witnesses for Him, we too are called to share our experiences with Jesus to others. Be intentional about it. Whether it’s through coffee talk, acts of kindness, or sharing your testimony. Ask yourself: What would it look like to share my faith with one person each week? Then do it! Learn more about Jesus, here.
  2. Live like Jesus, right now. Instead of getting caught up in worrying about certain events will happen or when things will improve, focus on living out the principles of God’s Kingdom in your daily life.  Practice love, kindness, forgiveness, and compassion in your interactions with others.  Look for opportunities to bring joy to earth, by living out life God’s way.
  3. Steady yourself with prayer and scripture. In order to effectively live like Jesus, we must get to know Him, and set ourselves apart.  Make it a priority to spend time each day in prayer, seeking God’s help and strength. Read the bible regularly, allowing it to shape your thoughts, attitudes, and actions. Consider starting a journal where you can reflect on your experiences with God and write out prayers and what you learn from scripture.

By being present in the now and living like Jesus, the true meaning and purpose of your life will slowly become a reality. You’ll stop worrying about, “what time is it?” and instead grow to embrace the idea that the time for you to truly live, is now.