Parenting on Purpose | Parental Guidance

There’s no way around it, parenting in 2024 is just different! From smartphones to identity crises, virtual reality and AI - parental guidance is a must. But what’s the model? Where’s the guide? Where does the “best” guidance come from? Let’s start with a grounded approach rooted in faith and Godly principles.

Here are three steps to take to positively parent, on purpose.

  1. Define your values. Do your kids know what’s important and why? Family discussions and bible reading give way to powerful opportunities to give children a chance to openly learn about and build their faith. Integrate scripture into daily routines—whether during meals, car rides, or bedtime. Intentional moments like these provide a foundation of faith and belief in our children's hearts.
  2. Lead by example. Kids are always watching. We’re not likely always proud of what they see. So let’s change that! Do your best to model a Christ-centered life. Be intentional about showing love, kindness, and integrity in your actions. Let kids see you active in school, church, and at home. When kids see you praying, going to small group, and prioritizing personal spiritual habits, it makes a difference! By authentically living out our faith, we inspire and influence our children's spiritual growth.
  3. Normalize Christianity at home and on the calendar. Life is always busy. But what fills your schedule and balances your bank account shows what’s most important. Make home the place of peace and reassurance, because of faith and trust in God. Set aside dedicated times for family devotions, prayer, and music. Make it transparent with your kids how you show God how important He is in your life. Share how you do it at work, at church, with your finances, and with your decision making.

Parenting can feel overwhelming and like an attack on everything you know and believe! But you’re not alone. Your personal journey of faith starts with Jesus first habits, and connecting to community. Learn more about small groups here. By making short term decisions today that have a positive effect on tomorrow, we begin to shape generations to come with enduring values and beliefs in God.