It’s Complicated

Single. Married. Dating. Married Again. Single Again. In the dog house. Or the dreaded “it’s complicated”. No matter what stage of relationship you find yourself in, with friends, family, coworkers, and significant others, it can get, well…complicated. We have complicated relationships because people are messy . So in ALL our relationships we can benefit from the hope, healing and wholeness that God’s perspective can provide. Join us for our relationship series, “It’s Complicated,” where we apply Biblical wisdom and truth in our lives, no matter what stage we’re in.

The Hard Stuff

The Hard Stuff Sermon Series

Let’s face it, sometimes the things that come at us in life are hard and at times it seems like it’s coming all at once. Things like; getting past your past, loving difficult people, image management, saving money, staying calm, raising kids and more. This series we look at all that hard stuff and we get help to handle it.

Fixing Us

Fixing Us. Because going to church is easier than going to a counselor.

February at the Courageous Church we are talking marriage. Not the fuzzy, fairy tale marriage we all dream about with candle lit dinners and horseback rides on the beach. We are talking real life, you work too much, I can’t believe you spent that money, I wished we talked more kind of marriage that we live every day. Because let’s face it, even the best of marriages need a little tune up. So starting January 31st make plans to join us for FIXING US a new series from the Courageous Church. Because going to church is easier than going to a counselor.