Beyond Barrenness | What To Do While You Wait

Sometimes it feels like life hits the pause button and forgets to hit play again. At some point we’ve all felt it…what seems to be never ending waiting. It’s a feeling of emptiness. For some couples, it’s the reality of what feels like barrenness. Yet, time and time again, we step back and see how God has used barrenness to reveal His faithfulness. 

So how do you stay encouraged through the dry and weary seasons?

  1. Look for beauty in the brokenness. When promises don’t seem to come through, it feels like life has shattered. The beauty is still there, but it’s divided into lots of smaller pieces. God often uses brokenness to reveal His power. In the Bible God uses broken boxes, broken bread, and broken pitchers to bring about miracles. Challenge yourself to see struggles as opportunities for God to work miracles and allow His grace to extend toward you in ways you may have otherwise never experienced.
  2. Remember timing is everything. (Even when it feels like forever.) Patience isn’t the most popular virtue, but there’s a couple in the bible we can be encouraged from - Abraham and Sarah. They waited decades for their miracle child, Isaac. Another woman, Rachel - she cried many tears for many years before finally welcoming her son, Joseph into the world. These stories remind us that God’s timing is perfect. What feels like a waiting game, is often just a part of God’s timing.
  3. Don’t lose hope. Throughout the Bible, God’s faithfulness to promises, especially to those experiencing barrenness, is evident. When it feels like nothing is happening, and life is wasted, God is working the soil of your heart. He promises to give the barren a home and make them joyful parents (Psalm 113:9). God will bring life to every area of your life that feels empty.

Remember when life feels barren, there’s always hope. Embrace brokenness, trust in God’s timing, and don’t lose hope - cling to His promises like your life depends on it. Because, it does. The best is yet to come.