There Will Be Signs | How to Avoid End Time Deception

The circumstances surrounding life today are often uncertain and unpredictable. Here’s the question: should fear and hope coexist? It’s easy to be deceived and confused, but the teachings of Jesus give us both hope and direction. 

Jesus speaks of various signs that will come before the end times, including deception, wars, natural disasters, and widespread unrest. While these signs may stir up fear, Jesus encourages us not to be deceived but to remain steadfast in our faith.

So what do you do?

  • Talk to God. It’s important to put in the work to develop a consistent rhythm of conversation with God.  We call this the heart of prayer. Prayer serves as your connection to God and will give you strength, guidance, and peace when things feel chaotic. It sounds like something like this: 

“God you are in control and I trust you, I want what you want to take place on earth. Thank you for giving me exactly what I need in terms of food, money, and resources. Help me not to hold grudges and help me to forgive others. Help me not to be tempted by things that are not important. Guide me in wisdom as I grow with you.” Learn more here.

  • Grow With Others. Community keeps you grounded, but it has to be the right people. Surround yourself with other believers and followers of Jesus who can support, encourage, and challenge you in your faith journey. This can be a small group through the church or a group of close family and friends.
  • Stay Busy. Business doesn’t equal productivity, so it’s important to focus on using your life to do things that actually matter. Consider how you can step up and serve others. You undoubtedly have things you are good at. How can you use those things to show others the love of Jesus? Take time to talk to others as they share what they see you naturally gifted at, then step up and do it!

It’s important to hold fast to your trust that God is in control, no matter what. But developing a deeper and authentic prayer life, staying in Godly community, and serving others, you won’t get weighed down with the distractions that cause you to freeze, fear, or panic in times of uncertainty.

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