Church In The Wild

Imagine a church wrecked by divisions. Self promotion, affairs, prostitution, fighting, and disorganization – this was the Corinthian church – WILD! Join us Sunday for this series, #ChurchInTheWild, where we discover that chaos is not what God has for us.

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It’s Complicated

Single. Married. Dating. Married Again. Single Again. In the dog house. Or the dreaded “it’s complicated”. No matter what stage of relationship you find yourself in, with friends, family, coworkers, and significant others, it can get, well…complicated. We have complicated relationships because people are messy . So in ALL our relationships we can benefit from the hope, healing and wholeness that God’s perspective can provide. Join us for our relationship series, “It’s Complicated,” where we apply Biblical wisdom and truth in our lives, no matter what stage we’re in.

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Gold From Golgotha Sermon Series

Gold From Golgotha

This series is all about Jesus’ brutal death on the cross and the gold that comes from what He has to say through it all. During his hours on the cross, Jesus spoke powerful statements of forgiveness, assurance, love, and more. Although we may have read them many times before, we may not thoroughly understand the profound benefits of His words. In this series, we look at the meaning of Jesus last words on the cross and unlock their full blessing for our lives.

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Mental Sermon Series Sermon Series


Are you fighting through anxiety, depression, or addiction? Do you love someone who is? Sometimes life can make us feel like we’re losing our mind. Facing this on your own is a losing battle. It doesn’t have to be that way because you’re not alone. And you’re not crazy.

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Vision Sunday 2019 Sermon Series
Church Vision

Vision Sunday

Recap Vision Sunday where Pastor Tyler shared his heart for the coming year and the state of the church. We are beyond excited for all God is doing and are ready to receive all He has for us!

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Which Way Sermon Series

Which Way

This year is gonna be different. You’ll eliminate bad habits and embrace better ones; finally start going the right direction physically, relationally, and spiritually. At least, that’s what you thought on January 1st. Now, stuff you didn’t see coming has already redirected you! But what if life’s ups and downs aren’t what decide if you’ll succeed or fail at what matters most this year? What if something else is at work? Join us for “Which Way” and find out how to thrive, even when life gives you a detour.

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A star is born Sermon Series

A Star Is Born

Every Christmas the entire world stops to celebrate the birth of the most important person in the history of the world – Jesus Christ! We will study the great details surrounding this life-changing, history-altering, and soul-saving entrance of God into human history!

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The Hard Stuff Sermon Series

The Hard Stuff

Let’s face it, sometimes the things that come at us in life are hard and at times it seems like it’s coming all at once. Things like; getting past your past, loving difficult people, image management, saving money, staying calm, raising kids and more. This series we look at all that hard stuff and we get help to handle it.

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